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Video Game Performance/UX Measurement Module

Although mobile game market revenues soared to $68.5 billion in 2019, there is no industry standard that correlates mobile game metrics with user experience. Thus, the objective of our project was to research this correlation and to measure the importance of different metrics to
mobile gamers. 

During the first stage of our project, we developed a testing platform that includes a racing game and a survey. We embedded different settings of our metrics (graphical resolution, frame rate stability, median frame rate and touch/tilt latency) into our game. Each of the 17 laps triggered different metric variations, and the user fills out the survey to record their experience for each

Afterwards, we tested several subjects, and using this data, we researched the correlation between performance metrics and user experience. Additionally, we created a model that maps the metrics into an estimated user experience score.

Overall, our project aims to show which metrics matter most to racing game users and to provide
a framework for further research.

Team Members: 

Zahra Atzuri

Joshua Covey

Paulina Vazquez-Peña

Isaac Steadman

Brian Tsang

Karen Yen