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Corey White Wins Best Student Presentation at NAMBE

Corey White

Texas ECE PhD student Corey White was awarded the Best Student Presentation Award at the 36th North American Molecular Beam Epitaxy (NAMBE) Conference for work on "Towards Lattice-Matched Narrow Bandgap InAsSbBi Photodetectors." White's research concerns growing and characterizing a novel semiconductor, InAsSbBi, which can detect and emit light in the mid-infrared and has a lot of potential for optoelectronic devices.

NAMBE is a prominent international forum for reporting scientific and technological developments in Molecular Beam Epitaxy research. The conference "showcases important results from fundamental materials and device research, through technological applications, and into high-volume and low-cost production."

Corey received a BS in Electrical Engineering from North Carolina State University, joined Texas ECE in Fall 2019 with Prof. Seth Bank in the Laboratory for Advanced Semiconductor Epitaxy (LASE), and received an MS in Electrical Engineering in Spring 2021.