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Graduate Students Excel - 4 Best Papers and Fellowships from IBM and Intel

Rajeshwary Tayade earned Best Paper Award at the 13th IEEE European Test Symposium (ETS'09): Critical Path Selection For Delay Test Considering Coupling Noise (co-authored by Professor Jacob Abraham)

Muhammad Aater Suleman received the very prestigious Intel PhD Fellowship. Fewer than 30 fellowships were awarded nationwide across all engineering and science disciplines. Suleman was the only UT recipient (and the first UT student to win since 2004). Suleman is supervised by Professor Yale Patt.

Xiaokang Shi received a highly competitive IBM Ph.D. Scholarship. Shi is a member of the Design Automation Group and is supervised by Professor David Pan. His research is in lithography simulation and optimization.

Shobha Sundar Ram earns Best Student Paper Award at the 2009 IEEE Radar Conference: Simulation of High Range-Resolution Profiles of Humans Behind Walls (co-authored by Professor Hao Ling and former ECE graduate student Craig Christianson).

This is the second year Ms. Ram has won this competition.  She was the first-place winner in the 2008 IEEE Radar Conference held in Rome, Italy.

Duo Ding earns Best Student Paper Award at the International Conference on IC Design and Technology 2009: “Machine Learning Based Lithographic Hotspot Detection with Critical Feature Extraction and Classification” (co-authored by Xiang Wu, Prof. Joydeep Ghosh and Prof. David Z. Pan)

Ciji Isen received the highly competitive IBM PhD Fellowship. Ciji is a member of the Laboratory for Computer Architecture (LCA) and is supervised by Professor Lizy John. His research is on memory system design and optimization.

Sanghyun Chi earns Best Paper Award at the IEEE Communications Quality and Reliability Workshop 2009: Predicting the Quality of Voice over IP Networks (co-authored by Professor Baxter Womack).