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Incoming Texas ECE Grad Student, Narae Yoon, awarded Semiconductor Research Corporation’s Company-Named Fellowship

Narae Yoon, an incoming Texas ECE PhD student has been awarded the Semiconductor Research Corporation’s (SRC) Company-Named Fellowship in partnership with Intel Corporation. Narae will be starting her first semester as a doctoral student at The University of Texas at Austin’s ECE department in Fall 2016 under the mentorship of Prof. Daniel Wasserman.

SRC’s Company-Named Fellowships were created to recognize outstanding academic and research achievement and to increase the number of Graduate Fellows in research areas of special interest to cosponsoring companies. Corporations award fellowships to candidates with whom their research interests align. The fellowship covers full tuition and other required fees. Fellows receive a competitive monthly stipend and an unrestricted annual gift of $2000 is awarded to the student’s advisor in support of the student.

Narae recently completed her MS in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Illinois. Her research has been focused on the material and device characterization of type-II superlattice detectors. She examines the flaws in the working of these detectors with the help of carrier transport studies using electron beam induced current and time-resolved photoluminescence techniques to improve its efficiency and performance.

“I did a victory dance, when I heard that I was the recipient of SRC’s fellowship in partnership with Intel Corporation”, said Narae.

At the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, Narae worked closely with the Mid-Infrared Photonics group, which was led by Prof. Wasserman who will also be joining Texas ECE in Fall 2016 as an Associate Professor.

“Narae is an outstanding student and researcher. She is a fast and independent thinker, which are impressive attributes for a young researcher. She is also extremely skilled at data analysis. I see great things in her future,” he said.

Narae will assist Prof. Wasserman in setting up his lab at Texas ECE next semester.