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Jaydeep Kulkarni Receives Intel Rising Star Award

Jaydeep Kulkarni

Prof. Jaydeep Kulkarni of Texas ECE has been named a recipient of the 2020 Intel Rising Star Faculty Award. Intel's Rising Star Faculty Award program selects 10 university faculty members who show great promise in developing future computing technologies. The awards were given based on progressive research in computer science, engineering and social science in support of the global digital transition in the following areas: software, security, interconnect, memory, architecture, and process.

Kulkarni founded the Circuit Research Lab at UT Austin and his group addresses many aspects of integrated circuit design, including energy efficient circuits, machine learning hardware accelerators, in‐memory and neuromorphic computing, emerging nano‐devices, heterogenous and 3D integrated circuits, hardware security, and cryogenic computing. Kulkarni has set a mission for his research lab to develop transformative research ideas in the devices and circuits area. With ongoing collaborations with Intel’s advanced memory design teams, his research envisions high‐performance, ML accelerator development leveraging emerging embedded memory technologies. This research could transform the next generation energy efficient ML accelerators targeted for cloud inference/training workloads.

Jaydeep Kulkarni is an assistant professor and holds the Fellow of Silicon Laboratories Endowed Chair in Electrical Engineering and Fellow of AMD Chair in Computer Engineering in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at The University of Texas at Austin. He has filed 35 patents, published 2 book chapters, and 75 papers in referred journals and conferences. He is a senior member of IEEE and currently serving as the chair of IEEE solid state circuits society and circuits and systems society central Texas joint chapter.