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Kulkarni Wins SRC Innovation Award

Jaydeep Kulkarni

Prof. Jaydeep Kulkarni of Texas ECE was awarded a Semiconductor Research Corporation (SRC) Innovation Award at the SRC TECHCON conference in Austin, TX, on September 19, 2022. The newly introduced Innovation Award recognizes Patents and IP arising from SRC research that has made a significant impact on the semiconductor industry. 

During his Ph.D. program at Purdue, Dr. Kulkarni explored ultra-low-voltage IC design topics under the guidance of Prof. Roy. They successfully demonstrated a pioneering memory bitcell topology based on the Schmitt Trigger principle that can directly replace conventional 6 Transistor SRAM bitcell. Incorporating Schmitt Trigger in an SRAM topology was a new concept in the Solid-State Circuits Society. This work described the principles of sub-threshold design very clearly, explained novel circuit techniques, and discussed the valuable design trade-offs. The Silicon prototype showed successful operation down to 160mV. This research has influenced many subsequent low-voltage designs, sense amplifier designs, and hardware security circuits, as evidenced by more than 900 citations and two US patents. This research has been recognized with the 2015 IEEE Transactions on VLSI systems best paper award, Purdue ECE outstanding doctoral dissertation award to Dr. Kulkarni, SRC’s inventor recognition awards (2x), SRC TECHCON best paper in session award, ISLPED design contest award, and the Intel Foundation Ph.D. fellowship award to Dr. Kulkarni.

Jaydeep Kulkarni is an assistant professor and holds the Fellow of Silicon Laboratories Endowed Chair in Electrical Engineering and Fellow of AMD Chair in Computer Engineering in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at The University of Texas at Austin. He has filed 35 patents, published two book chapters, and 100+ papers in referred journals and conferences. He is a senior member of IEEE, US National Academy of Inventors distinguished lecturer for IEEE Solid-State Circuits Society and IEEE Electron Device Society. He currently serves as the chair of the IEEE solid-state circuits society and circuits and systems society central Texas joint chapter.

Dr. Kulkarni founded the Circuit Research Lab at UT Austin, and his group addresses many aspects of integrated circuit design, including energy-efficient circuits, machine learning hardware accelerators, in‐memory and neuromorphic computing, emerging nano‐devices, heterogenous and 3D integrated circuits, hardware security, and cryogenic computing. Kulkarni has set a mission for his research lab to develop transformative research ideas in the devices and circuits. His research work at UT Austin has been recognized with Micron foundation faculty award, Intel Rising Star faculty award, the NSF Career Award, and the current SRC Innovation Award.