Senior Design Showcase Features Capstone Design Projects

Tuesday, November 29, 2016 - 4:30pm

The University of Texas at Austin's Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering in the Cockrell School of Engineering (Texas ECE) held the Fall 2016 Senior Design Showcase on Monday, November 21, 2016 in the Student Activity Center.

First, second and third-place winners were picked from all of the projects. Winning team members each received prizes generously provided by Keysight Technologies which included Amazon Echos, Apeman cameras, and smart watches. Winners were announced by Prof. Jim Wiley, who taught the course, and awarded by Prof. Gary Hallock.

Industry Collaborators

Texas ECE is deeply appreciative of our industrial collaborators, whose expertise and support makes these projects successful and meaningful. Industry project partners for the Fall 2016 projects include Enovation Controls, MagnetoSpeed, and Nuvoton.

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First Place

Batteryless and Wireless Data Acquisition Implant and System

Team: Corey M. Cormier, Thomas F. Ermis, Albert D. Marzullo, Michael J. Park, Makeila N. Sorensen, Anish V. Vaghasia
Faculty Mentor: Jonathan Valvano
Project Description: This batteryless and wireless implant system aims to create a cost-effective and efficient data acquisition method for rats used in pharmaceutical research. The system is designed so that researchers can easily collect and monitor data from lab rats through a web application and is potentially scalable so that multiple implants can be controlled/accessed through a single web application. Additionally the web application provides a clean and intuitive user interface with soft, real-time visual aids for the acquired data. This system will provide the pharmaceutical research community with a novel way to effectively collect more accurate data from lab rats.


Second Place

Bullet Data Transmission

Team: Amber E. Camilleri, Zane A. Lewin, Tejas B. Roysam, Jacob D. Williamson, Haihan Yu
Project Partner: MagnetoSpeed
Faculty Mentor: Sanjay Shakkottai
Project Description: Our device will allow a rifle shooter to accurately determine where they hit or missed a target at a range of up to two miles. Using acoustic data, multilateration, and GPS timestamping, our device will rapidly detect where the bullet arrived downrange and transmit and display that data back to the shooter. This device will be low cost, easy to use, and only require occasional maintenance.

Bullet Data

Third Place

Fluxwork Web Framework

Team: Joshua Dong, Brad Gray, Rahul Jaisimha, Salim Memon, Taiyi Ouyang, Nishanth Shanmugham
Faculty Mentor: Mattan Erez
Project Description: Fluxwork provides a web framework that helps developers build reliable web applications quickly by automating project setup and providing a good array of helper functions. The framework is designed around an unidirectional data flow philosophy, allowing for easier tracking of information and optimization. Go Flux aims to be a lightweight and flexible tool for web design and deployment.


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