Texas ECE Alum Duy-Loan Le Inducted into Asian Hall of Fame

Tuesday, April 4, 2017 - 9:15am

Duy-Loan Le is one of four honorees that will be inducted in the 2017 Asian Hall of Fame on Saturday, May 13th in Seattle, WA. The Asian Hall of Fame was founded in 2004 to honor achievement, inspire the next generation, and build the national community of Asian Pacific Americans. The only event of its kind in the United States, the Asian Hall of Fame honors distinguished individuals of Asian Pacific descent whose personal achievements have contributed to the American experience. The Asian Hall of Fame is one of the foremost annual events on the Asian Pacific American Heritage Month calendar, bringing a national focus and recognition to the Asian Pacific American culture. Le is the first engineer to be honored at this event.

Duy-Loan Le is a Senior Fellow at Texas ECE. Duy-Loan graduated from UT with BSEE Magna Cum Laude in 1982 and started as a memory design engineer at the age of 19 with Texas Instruments. She is currently the World Wide Embedded Product Advanced Technology Ramp Manager, where she oversees the definition of technology requirements for the businesses, directs technology qualifications with the development and manufacturing teams, and leads internal execution. In 2002, Duy-Loan became the first Asian and the first woman to get elected to the rank of Senior Fellow (equivalent to Senior VP), joining 4 other men who held this prestigious title world- wide at the time at Texas Instruments (TI). Today Duy-Loan continues to be the only woman to hold this title in TI’s 80 years of history. Duy-Loan holds 22 patents with 8 pending applications. She has been featured in IEEE (the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) SPECTRUM, Asian Enterprise trade journals, a book titled "The Pride of Vietnamese", and numerous local and international newspapers. Duy-Loan serves on the Board of Directors for National Instruments and the Board of Directors at eSilicon Corp.