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Texas ECE Student Ahmet Budak Receives ADI Outstanding Student Designer Award

Ahmet Budak

Texas ECE PhD student Ahmet Budak has been selected by Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI) to receive the 2021 Outstanding Student Designer Award. The award is presented annually by ADI at the IEEE International Solid-State Circuits Conference (ISSCC). Since 1997, this award has recognized excellence in system-level integrated circuit architectures or in analog, mixed-signal, or digital integrated circuit design.

Ahmet is a 3rd year PhD student whose work is co-supervised byTexas ECE faculty Prof. David Pan and Prof. Nan Sun. He was nominated for his work on analog-mixed signal (AMS) front-end design automation. 

“We leverage machine learning techniques and zeroth-order optimization methods to introduce software tools in the domain of AMS circuit design automation,” Ahmet said. “It is exciting to program such tools which will help design houses and analog designers with adopting faster and more efficient production cycles. I think the advancements in the machine learning applications and the computation power give us a better stand than the past for designing robust and reliable analog circuits in an automated manner”.

Ahmet will intern at ADI during the summer of 2021.