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Three Texas ECE Teams Win Qualcomm Innovation Fellowships

Qualcomm Innovation Fellowships

Top Row Center: Prateek Sahu Top Row Right: Shijia Wei Bottom Row (l-r): Zhiwen Fan, Zhendong Yang, Kristen Nguyen

Three teams from Texas ECE have been named winners of 2022 Qualcomm Innovation Fellowships for North America. The QIF program "is focused on recognizing, rewarding, and mentoring innovative PhD students across a broad range of technical research areas, based on Qualcomm’s core values of innovation, execution and teamwork. QIF enables graduate students to be mentored by our engineers and supports them in their quest towards achieving their research goals."

The winning teams and their projects are:

Tunable ultra-small monolithically-rolled-up filter network by piezoelectric actuation
Zhendong Yang and Kristen Nguyen
Advisor: Prof. Xiuling Li

Many-domain Processors: Securing 100s of Concurrent Security Domains
Shijia Wei and Prateek Sahu
Advisor: Prof. Mohit Tiwari

Real-time Visual Processing for Autonomous Driving via Video Transformer with Data-Model-Accelerator Tri-design
Zhiwen Fan and Rishov Sarkar (Georgia Tech)
Advisor: Prof. Atlas Wang

This is the third consecutive year that Texas ECE students received Qualcomm Innovation Fellowships. In 2021, Akash Doshi and Manan Gupta, supervised by Prof. Jeffrey Andrews, won for their project "Federated Generative Learning for Channel Estimation in mmWave and THz." In 2020, the team of Khurram Mazher and Andrew Graff, supervised by Prof. Robert Heath, won for their project "Radar-to-radar Interference: System Level Analysis and Solutions."