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Mohit Tiwari
Office: EER 5.886

Mohit Tiwari

Associate Professor
Raytheon Company Faculty Fellowship

Prof. Mohit Twari is an associate professor and holds the Raytheon Company Faculty Fellowship in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at The University of Texas at Austin,

His current research focuses on building secure systems, all the way from hardware to system software to applications that run on them.

Tiwari and his team have designed and built the first secure processor that obfuscates all digital signal outputs, including even addresses to physical memory. This processor, implemented on a Convey FPGA-based server, can be used as a root of trust in datacenters where an attacker (a malicious employee, for example) has physical access to confidential computation.

They are also working on a platform where users can control their privacy while using applications that span mobile and datacenter machines. We have prototyped an OS-level mandatory access control system that enforces policies across Android and server-side Linux machines, and developed a simple design pattern to express rich functionality in privacy preserving applications.

Prof. Tiwari received a PhD from UC Santa Barbara (2011) and was a post-doctoral fellow at UC Berkeley (2011-13) before joining UT.

Research Interests
Computer architecture
Security and Privacy
Research Groups