Faris Mismar

The Wallenberg Scholarship program promotes scientific and technical research and education in the field of Telecommunications.

Prof. Andreas Gerstlauer

 Prof. Gerstlauer received the grant from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation for his research project titled, “Resilient hardware design using controlled fault acceptance."


 “The three MURI grants show not only that Andrea, Ray and Li are top researchers in their fields, but that they are also exceptional collaborators and team leaders.”

Alu Cloaking Optica

Together, Prof. Alù and Monticone have established quantitative physical limitations on the performance of cloaking devices, a technology that allows objects to become invisible or undetectable for electromagnetic waves, such as radio waves, microwaves, infrared and visible light.


Patt’s talk, titled, ‘If Moore's Law Does in Fact End, Whose Job Is It to Pick Up the Slack?... And How?’ was in line with the theme of the conference, ‘Connected World: New Challenges for Data, Systems, and Applications’.  IEEE CS was celebrating the 40th anniversary of this conference this year.

Simons Investigator

Prof. Alù received the Mathematics and Physical Sciences-Simons Investigators in Physics award. His work on the manipulation of light in artificial materials and metamaterials has shown how clever designs may surpass what had previously been thought to be limitations on wave propagation in materials.