Sun Microsystems awarded ECE Research Fellow Mark McDermott a $20K award for

Chan-Byoung Chae, a Ph. D. candidate supervised by Prof. Robert W. Heath, Jr., has been awarded the 2008 IEEE VTS Dan E. Noble Fellowship Award.

Professor Yale Patt was one of five speakers to address the Mexican Congress at a 50th Anniversary Celebration of the first computer installed in Mexico.

Dr. Alan C. Bovik has been selected to receive the 2008-2009 Claude R. Hocott Distinguished Centennial Engineering Research Award. Dr.

Dr. Charles Roth has received the 2008 McGuffey Longevity Award for his fifth edition of Fundamentals of Logic Design.

ECE professor Michael Orshansky has just published a book on the emerging techniques for design for manufacturability.

ECE Professor Seth Bank has just been selected to receive the 2008 Young Investigator Award that is presented by the North American Molecular Beam Epitaxy (NAMBE) Advisory Board.