Professor Ted Rappaport has been selected as one of two winners of the WTC Recognition Award.

<p>Congratulations to Robert C. Daniels, Ketan Mandke, Steven W. Peters, Scott M. Nettles, and Robert W. Heath, Jr.

Dr. Bruce McCann was named an ECE Fellow at the Fall 2008 Fall Graduating Seniors and External Advisory Committee Banquet. Dr.

Recently, ECE presented the prestigious Gordon T. Lepley IV Endowed Memorial Teaching Award to Prof. Brian Evans. Dr.

Dr. Dean Neikirk won the External Advisory Committee's coveted High Gain Award for guiding the Department's graduate program for the last 9 years. Dr. Neikirk serves as the ECE Graduate Advisor.

ECE alumnus James Truchard (Ph.D.

Dr. Robert Flake has discovered the first non-sinusoid signal that doesn’t undergo dispersion on transmission lines that would normally distort a signal.