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2020 Spring

Semester Short

Grid-Connected Power Converter

The power grid, or “the grid,” is a critical supporting system for every-day electronic devices. The grid is a network of electrical systems that distribute electrical power to access points in a nearby region. For most devices, the access point is a wall outlet. However, to make the power from the grid suitable for use by a device, a power converter must be placed between the wall outlet and the device. A power converter can convert the grid’s electrical energy to alternating or direct current (AC/DC), higher or lower voltages, and higher or lower frequencies.


Vocalitics is an interactive meeting analytics tool that helps target inclusivity, productivity and efficiency issues faced by teams in corporate meetings. Team leaders can upload meeting audio files onto the Vocalitics web-app, which then works to draw insights and take notes on various aspects of a meeting. These insights include a comparison of the speech time of each participant using voice recognition, the dominant sentiment(s) of the meeting, and the sentiments of the meeting as they change over time. These insights are displayed statistically and graphically on the web-app.

Sound Separation

Our project takes a music file as input and uses machine learning to separate it into four audio elements: bass, vocals, drums, and the remaining accompaniment.

Team Members: 

Eduard Alsina

Sierra Biggs

Esha Makwana

Donovan McCray

Christopher Whitfill

Reid Wyde

Michael Yearout

Electric Vehicle Inverter and Motor Controller

Formula SAE (FSAE) Electric is an international collegiate design competition hosted by the Society of Automotive Engineers in which teams of students design, build and race fully electric, formula-style race cars. Due to the strict rules and the nature of the competition, teams are pushed to use the lightest, most power-dense motor available. However, almost all off-the-shelf motor inverters are either prohibitively expensive, especially for a student design team, or do not properly satisfy the rules ofthe FSAE Electric competition.


Guardian is a smart pepper spray that works in conjunction with a mobile application. The affordable and user-friendly device can be carried as a key chain. In the case of a security incident, Guardian can be used to alert authorities and others in the area with the victim’s location and other information. Additionally, the mobile application provides a community forum for centralized communication during the attack.

Far Field Gesture Recognition

The emergence of hand gesture recognition technologies has enabled a brand new medium of human computer interaction. Harman International hopes to apply hand gesture recognition in their home audio products to create a user experience that mirrors how humans interact with each other. Harman International seeks to do this while

Configuring and Executing Natively Compiled Control Modules

Emerson, a leader in industrial automation solutions and commercial and residential electrical products, proposed a project that would explore the feasibility of taking scripts with a specified syntax and format and converting them into a high level programming language. The intent of this project was to have the capability of performing a preliminary comparison between the execution times of the proposed solution against the current performance of their DeltaV line of embedded systems for industrial applications.

Undergraduate Teaching Platform

The Undergraduate Teaching Platform Team seeks to enhance the educational experience of undergraduate electrical and computer engineering (EE) students at the University of Texas at Austin by unifying the curriculum of the two introductory EE courses: EE 302, Introduction to Electrical Engineering and EE 306, Introduction to Computer Engineering.

Conference Connect

At Conference Connect, we use modern technology to revolutionize the overall conference experience. The first component of our solution is a web application that conference attendees can access on their phones to view important conference information. We believe that by digitizing this information, you can focus more on the conference itself. Our solution is not an app you have to download since it will only be used for a few days, and the website will be so intuitive that even the most tech-averse attendees will find it easy to use.

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