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ECE Next Frequently Asked Questions

(NOTE: The following are continuously reviewed and revised; therefore, it is recommended that prospective students continuously check back on any updates to the FAQs).

I am currently a Junior in Electrical & Computer Engineering. Do I qualify to apply for the ECE Next Program?

Yes, students should plan to apply for the program when they are entering their first semester of their Junior Program.

I am currently a MTH major at another institution. Can I apply for the program?

Yes, the ECE Next Program is open to students who are Engineering majors or who are from similar disciplines, such as Mathematics, Physics or Biology. ECE Next also accepts students from outside of UT.

I am considering applying to the ECE Next Program. Does the program have a minimum GPA requirement?

No, there is no minimum GPA requirement; rather, there is a wholistic review of the applicants. The admissions committee will review the applicants’ application, statement of purpose, resume, listing a faculty reference. Unofficial transcripts are optional.

What type of research is available for me as a participant of the program?

Available research topics for ECE Next span the entirety of electrical and computer engineering. To learn about some of the ongoing research at UT, please visit: The research projects include electronics, energy, optics, nanotechnology, sensors, quantum materials, modeling, signal processing, and embedded systems, among other topics.

How is it determined which summer research project I will be assigned for the Summer REU program?

Students can request specific research projects. Ultimately, the Admissions Committee will review each applicant’s information and background to match the student with the appropriate research project and faculty advisor.

Is the Summer REU program held in person or virtually?

The Summer REU Program is held in person, with seminars & workshops held in a hybrid format.

What activities can I expect to participate in through the Summer REU program?

All REU participants will submit a final poster and abstract of their research under the mentoring of a graduate student mentor and faculty advisor. Students are given the opportunity to work in a team on a research problem and to present a final poster. Ultimately, the program will assist with guidance on how to apply to graduate school, fellowships and what to expect when attending graduate school You can expect to attend faculty research seminars, workshops and industry lunch & learns.

How is the cost handled for the REU program?

Students are provided a stipend, along with housing/dining located at the University of Texas at Austin.

Will I be expected to be on campus for the Juniors Workshop in December and for the Seniors Workshop in September?

The goal for 2022 is to hold both Workshops on campus (updates will be provided).