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Peter Stone and Lizy John

Lizy John and Peter Stone Named ACM Fellows by the Association for Computing Machinery

John, a professor in Texas ECE and director of the Laboratory for Computer Architecture, is being honored for "contributions to the design, modeling and benchmarking of computer architectures."
Shanshan Xie

Shanshan Xie Receives Cadence Women in Technology Scholarship

PhD student Shanshan Xie has been selected to receive the Cadence Women in Technology Scholarship.
Ballistic Optical Materials

Researchers Create Ballistic Optical Materials

Texas ECE professors Seth Bank and Dan Wasserman, along with Kun Li and Andrew Briggs from their research team, and collaborators from Purdue University and University of Massachusetts Lowell have found a way to create more efficient metamaterials using semiconductors and a novel aspect of physics that amplifies the activity of electrons. 
José del R. Millán

José del R. Millán: Building the Brain-Computer Interface

How can a computer help someone regain motor function? José del R. Millán, Ph.D., a professor in Texas ECE and the Dell Medical School Department of Neurology, tackles this question as he designs brain-computer interfaces that empower people to surpass their limits.

Students Compete in Handheld Game Design Competition

In order to teach students to take what they have learned and turn it into a fully-realized project, students from the EE 319K Intro to Embedded Systems course formed teams of two and competed in a competition to see who could create the best 80s-style handheld game.
Lizy John

Lizy John Named Fellow of the National Academy of Inventors

Lizy K. John is the latest member of The University of Texas at Austin community to be selected as fellows of the National Academy of Inventors, a prestigious distinction that has been awarded to a select group of 175 academic innovators around the world for 2020.
Rachel Selina Rajarathnam

Rachel Selina Rajarathnam Receives Cadence Women in Technology Scholarship

PhD student Rachel Selina Rajarathnam has been selected to receive the Cadence Women in Technology Scholarship.
Smart Irrigation

Students Compete in Capstone Design Contest

Over the course of the past two semesters, 55 Texas ECE students worked on their Capstone Design projects and this week they competed in the Fall 2020 Capstone Design Contest. Winners were announced during the Texas ECE Honors Virtual Celebration on Tuesday, December 8, 2020.

In the courses, students solve open-ended problems in small groups over


Texas ECE Honors 2020 Graduates

Texas ECE held a Virtual Honors event on Tuesday, December 8 to honor students in the graduating class of Fall 2020.

"We celebrate your accomplishments and thank everyone who has made your journey possible, your family and friends, everyone who’s been a source of inspiration and support during this successful, yet not always easy, journey," Said

Frontiers of Imaging

Shwetadwip Chowdhury Receives Frontiers of Imaging Grant to Develop Computational Microscopy for Deep Tissue Imaging

Their project intends to develop new computational microscopy techniques for reconstructing a sample’s 3D light scattering potential, in order to completely characterize the multiple-scattering behavior of light that passes through a sample and use it to digitally correct scattering effects.