Al Bovik

It is awarded in recognition of any invention, research, publication or other contribution which has resulted in an important advance in the scientific or technological development of photography or imaging in the widest sense.

EM Side Channel

Profs. Michael Orshansky, Ali Yilmaz and Andreas Gerstlauer have received a $1.2M NSF research grant to develop computational tools to generate accurate security-focused EM profiles of an application running on an embedded system. 

Alex Huang

Prof. Huang was recognized “for the development of Si and SiC high-power devices and the promotion of their industry applications.”

Diana Marculescu

The Cockrell School of Engineering at The University of Texas at Austin has named renowned Carnegie Mellon University researcher and professor Diana Marculescu as the next chair of UT’s Department

Texas ECE

Texas ECE will welcome nine new faculty members in the 2019-2020 academic year. The department welcomes five new faculty members beginning in Fall 2019, and we will welcome a new department chair and three additional new faculty members in Spring 2020.

Facebook Research

Prof. Mattan Erez and Prof. Michael Orshansky of Texas ECE have received an award from Facebook Research to develop new technologies in the area of “AI System Hardware/Software Co-Design.”