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Integrated Program

Increasingly, in fields related to ECE, the MS degree is becoming the "terminal" degree. This program offers a smooth, accelerated connection between the BSEE degree and the MSE degree.


Students who complete the program will receive the Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering: Integrated Option degree and a Master of Science in Engineering degree simultaneously after successfully completing a minimum total of 150 hours, 30 of which must qualify for the MSE program of work in ECE. The BSEE portion of the combined degree plan will be reduced from 125 hours to 120 hours; MSE degree requirements are unchanged relative to the existing MSEE degrees. Students can choose from existing MSE degree programs (including one built entirely of classes, one including a report, or one including a thesis.)

Upcoming BSEE/MSE Integrated Program Information Sessions:

Friday, March 4th, at 1:00pm:

How to Apply

Admission to the Integrated Program is only available to current Texas ECE undergraduate students. The admission process to this program occurs in two stages. The first stage is informal, includes an evaluation only within the department, and occurs when the student has approximately one year remaining in the undergraduate program. The second stage entails formal application to the UT Graduate School and occurs the semester before the student expects to complete the undergraduate degree requirements.

Application due date for Fall (stage 1) applicants is May 29th

Application due date for Spring (stage 1) applicants is January 2nd

Program Staff

Program Director: Dr. Christine Julien

Graduate Advisor: Dr. Frank Register

Undergraduate Advisor: Sharon Bressette

Contact Us

Stage 1 Information and Applications: Sharon Bressette

Stage 2 Information and Applications: Barry Levitch