Wuxi Li

The title of his research for the competition was "UTPlaceF: A High-Performance Placement Engine For Modern FPGAs."

Otitoaleke Akinola

Texas ECE student Otitoaleke Akinola won the Best Poster Award at the Inaugural TACC Symposium for Texas Researchers. Akinola, a nanoelectronics researcher and Ph.D.

$1M grant to study application of machine learning techniques

Together with collaborators at the University of California, Riverside they have been awarded a $1M grant to study application of machine learning techniques for performance and power prediction in early design stages of future computer systems. 

Dan Wasserman Named OSA fellow

Dr. Wasserman was elected “for contributions to the development of novel sources, detectors, and optical materials operating in the mid-infrared wavelength range.”

Jette Henderson

Texas ECE alumna Jette Henderson, who completed her PhD in August, received the Best Student Paper award for the paper "PIVETed-Granite: Computational Phenotypes through Constrained Tensor Fac

de Veciana Vikalo

The proposed research effort will "advance the state-of-the-art in collaborative sensing systems which are expected to benefit the field and society more broadly, through planned efforts in education innovation, achieving diversity, engaging the community and industry, and disseminating results to a wider public."

Seth Bank

Prof. Seth Bank is involved in two new multi-university million dollar multi-disciplinary projects from the National Science Foundation aimed at fostering collaboration in quantum information and computation research.