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Conference Connect

At Conference Connect, we use modern technology to revolutionize the overall conference experience. The first component of our solution is a web application that conference attendees can access on their phones to view important conference information. We believe that by digitizing this information, you can focus more on the conference itself. Our solution is not an app you have to download since it will only be used for a few days, and the website will be so intuitive that even the most tech-averse attendees will find it easy to use. The second component of our solution is a smart band for networking. When you shake another attendee’s hand, the two of you exchange contact information and LinkedIn profiles. Afterwards, you can view a list of everyone you met on our website and can decide whether you would like to connect further. With the smart bands, there are no more fumbled business cards, forgotten names, or missed connections. We simplify the human experience of conference attendance and networking.

Team Members: 

Kelden Abate

Michael Blume

Anurag Choudhury

Rahul Gupta

Shruthi Krish