ECE Graduate Student Wins Best Paper Award

Tuesday, August 7, 2007 - 7:00pm

PhD candidate, Ramakrishna Kotla, along with CS professors—Drs. Lorenzo Alvisi and Mike Dahlin—won the Best Paper Award at USENIX annual technical conference. Their paper, SafeStore: A Durable and Practical Storage System, proposes a solution for long-term data storage which protects it from hackers, human error, hardware and software failures, and environmental catastrophes. Their system, called SafeStore, is a new storage system architecture that ensures that duplicate data being stored at different locations is durable, cost effective, readily available, and audited for data loss. It's the store, forget, and recover based storage system that everyone can use, says Mr. Kotla.

The USENIX conference is ranked as the seventh most influencial publication venue in Computer Science according to CiteSeer. Mr. Kotla's paper beat out 112 other papers for the Best Paper Award.