Robert Flake and a Revolutionary Waveform

Sunday, October 26, 2008 - 7:00pm

Dr. Robert Flake has discovered the first non-sinusoid signal that doesn’t undergo dispersion on transmission lines that would normally distort a signal. The waveform, “Speedy Delivery” (SD), is a pulse with a positive exponential leading edge.

One possible use of SD to develop a new generation of high-resolution TDR instruments. TDR stands for time-domain reflectometer. TDRs send an electrical pulse through a metal cable encased in the foundation of a structure. Any impedance, such as a crack, sends the signal back towards the source.

Flake’s working prototype consists of a laptop, oscilloscope, and function generator. Early results promise much greater acuracy than conventional TDRs. This ultra-fidelity signal technology holds potential for advancing the interconnect performance and design of audio and high-speed computer communication systems.