UT ECE Grad Student John Tatarchuk Selected as EMERF Student Speaker

Monday, October 31, 2011 - 7:00pm

UT ECE graduate student John Tatarchuk was selected by the EMERF Board of Directors as the EMERF sponsored student presenter at the SMMA 2011 Fall Technical Conference. He recently completed his MS in electrical engineering (electromagnetism and acoustics specialty) in Austin after receiving a dual BS in electrical engineering and wireless engineering from Auburn in 2009.

Continuing his studies toward a PhD at The University of Texas at Austin, John is working on inverter designs and power algorithms for electric machinery. His presentation, “Notable Differences between Current Source and Voltage Source Excitation,” is based on his master’s thesis work comparing voltage source and current source behaviors of soft magnetic materials. In the process, John designed, built and operated a fast response current amplifier and a voltage buffer in a flexible pulse hysteresisgraph.