UT ECE Seniors and Faculty Collaboration with Industry Showcases Spring 2013 Senior Design Projects

Wednesday, April 24, 2013 - 7:00pm

The University of Texas at Austin Electrical and Computer Engineering Department (UT ECE) hosted the Spring 2013 Senior Design Open House on Wednesday, April 24, 2013. UT ECE undergraduate seniors presented demonstrations of their projects spanning two semesters of work.

Companies partner with faculty and student teams, providing funding, equipment, industry expertise, and mentoring as the team works toward a successful outcome to the industry specced problem. Students are responsible for delivering a working prototype with documentation, a system design report, and two interim and one final oral presentations. Industry, student and faculty efforts culminate at the end of the course at the Senior Design Open House.UT ECE is deeply appreciative of our industrial collaborators, whose expertise and support makes these projects successful and meaningful. Industry project sponsors for the Spring 2013 projects include ARM, Qualcomm, Texas Instruments, and Intel.

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Apple, Inc. generously donated Apple products such as iPad Minis, iPod Nanos, Apple TVs, and iPod Touch devices as prizes for the top projects presented at the Open House

The first place team for Spring 2013 is the project Food Safety, developed by Ethan Schneider, Omer Neak, Alexander Hershey, Jennifer Davis and Matt Leaverton and sponsored by Texas Instruments. Prof. Nur Touba was their faculty advisor.

UT ECE congratulates the students, faculty and industry collaborators on the successful completion of the EE 464 coursework and project. Awards for the Senior Design Contest were presented by Dr. Gary Hallock on April 24 during the Spring Senior Design Open House.

Companies interested in sponsoring a Fall 2013 may contact Nancy Hatchett. Program information is here: http://www.ece.utexas.edu/industry/senior_design.cfm.


Place Project Team Members Sponsor Faculty Advisor
First Food Safety Ethan Schneider
Omer Neak
Alexander Hershey
Jennifer Davis
Matt Leaverton
Texas Instruments Prof. Nur Touba
Each team member received IPad Mini devices from Apple.
Second Bicycle Collision Avoidance System Aaron Jackson
Rebecca Pledger
Bassem Iskander
Ryan Mcgill
Justin Salinas
Texas Instruments Prof. Neal Hall

Each team member received IPod Touch devices from Apple.

Third Extremely Low Cost Solar Cell Simulator Patrick Gravois
Johnathan Smith
Kush Vaidya
Yi Liu
Rose Tse
  Prof. Seth Bank

Each team member received IPod Nano devices from Apple.

Fourth Birdcall Recorder Rakin Mazid
Nohelia Perez
Ji-Yeon Lee
Forrest Stallings
Michael Bratton
Texas Instruments Prof. Nan Sun

Each team member received Apple TV devices from Apple.

Fifth 3D Model Construction using Mobile Device Brian Morgan
Drew Malone
Marty Timmens
Nick Wood
Phebus Taylor
Qualcomm Prof. Craig Chase

Each team member received iPod Shuffle devices from Apple.

Sixth Printable Phased Array Antenna Paul Schleicher
Chris Longe
Klay Kubena
Phillip Foster
Sean Brickey
Texas Instruments Prof. Ray Chen

Each team member received Apple-branded gifts from Apple.

See Pictures on Facebook or Flickr