Capstone Design Overview

All Texas ECE senior students complete a yearlong capstone design course sequence, solving open-ended problems in groups of 5-7 students, from defining problem statements to building a prototype.
During the length of the project the team will:
  • Gather all the necessary specifications and requirements for the project.
  • Research the project and work on preliminary designs.
  • Write a proposal for the company and deliver a preliminary system design report.

Student Organizations

Eta Kappa Nu (HKN)
Eta Kappa Nu is a unique membership organization dedicated to encouraging and recognizing excellence in the electrical and computer engineering fields. Student members are selected on the basis of scholastic standing, character, and leadership. Through a variety of service programs and leadership training, student members develop lifelong skills that better prepare them for life post-graduation. Members participate in service programs and leadership training.

Connect Program

Work with a University of Texas, Austin, hands-on account manager to craft your campus strategy for recruiting top tech talent in Electrical and Computer Engineering. With access to more than 2200 undergraduate and graduate students in a top-10 ranked program, investing in multiple touchpoints with targeted groups of students throughout the semester is recommended to boost your brand on campus.

Got Gas? A Portable Gas Detector for Harmful Substances

Currently, gas detection products available on the market are expensive, large, and incapable of detecting a wide range of gases with high precision. The objective of this project is to integrate a mid-infrared, full spectrometer lab-on-a-chip into a portable, handheld system. The team designed a PCB to miniaturize the system and incorporated Bluetooth Low Energy with a dedicated Android application, which allows a user to view gas concentrations and have custom control of the chip.

Trade Screening Tool

The BP International Risk Assessment tool is a web application that facilitates the screening process for exporting BP technologies abroad. The tool automates the approval of low-risk technologies and assists in assigning export control numbers to higher-risk technologies. BP must comply with international trade regulations in order to operate its business around the globe. The web application will reduce the workload for BP's Trade Regulation team by automating most approvals, allowing them to divert resources to more sensitive cases.


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