Herb Krasner

Herb Krasner

Senior Lecturer

Herb Krasner is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Texas at Austin.

Prof. Krasner teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in programming, data structures, OOA/OOD, database engineering, software design, agile methods, software process improvement and software system measurement & metrics.

Prof. Krasner is engaged in a multiyear research program focused on Modeling and Forecasting of the Cost of Software Quality (CoSQ). He is also known for his work on modeling the cost/benefits of software quality and reporting the ROI data for software process improvement programs, as well as, the reported results from the empirical studies of professional programmers. He has published over 55 papers, articles and book sections, and has spoken at many professional conferences and meetings. He is currently leading an effort to formulate a new multidisciplinary UT research center (called the AgingLab) focusing on the problems and solutions of adaptive aging of senior citizens enabled by the use of advanced technologies.

Prof. Krasner is the Principle Investigator and Program Manager of the IV&V Evaluation Services Project where he serves as project leader, review team leader, process analyst, methodology creator and lead report writer, for this project where he is in charge of managing and performing this 8.5 year, $2.5+ million project providing IV&V services to the Federal Government and State of Texas OAG Child Services Division. Prof. Krasner is the Director of Outreach Services for the UT Center for Advanced Research in Software Engineering (ARiSE) where he focuses on helping UT ARiSE become a multi-disciplinary center of excellence whose goal is to become a world leader in software engineering, in terms of education, research and service. The UT ARiSE industry outreach program helps initiate and manage relationships with companies that seek collaborative research and technology transfer. As a systems excellence consultant, his mission, spanning five decades, has been to enable the development of superior software intensive systems, and to stamp out poor quality software, wherever found. He has successfully led over 60 organizational assessments in many different companies and agencies.

As Founder, former Chairman and now CTO of the UT Software Quality Institute (SQI), he was largely responsible for creating and shaping this software engineering educational outreach organization into a successful outreach business. He is also the founder of the Austin Software Process Improvement Network, and an Instructor for the American Society for Quality (ASQ) Certified Software Quality Engineer BOK training courses. He was recently elected to the Missouri University of Science and Technology, Academy of Computer Science. He has served as Chairman of several international conferences, as well as, Director of the ACM Scholastic Student Programming Contest. He has served on a number of industry wide task forces on software issues and concerns. He was a member of the Board of Quality Examiners for the Austin Quality Award based on the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award.

Research Interests: 

Economic models of software engineering (cost of quality, ROI, technical debt)
Empirical studies of software engineering
The human factors of software engineering (e.g. teamwork models)
Agile and lean development methods
Software engineering process improvement
Software engineering best practices
Interdisciplinary approaches to studying technology assisted aging problems


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