UT ECE Seniors Compete at the Fall 2013 Senior Design Open House

Tuesday, November 26, 2013 - 9:00am

The University of Texas at Austin Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering  (UT ECE) hosted the Fall 2013 Senior Design Open House on Monday, November 25, 2013. UT ECE undergraduate seniors presented demonstrations of their projects spanning two semesters of work.

Companies partner with faculty and student teams, providing funding, equipment, industry expertise, and mentoring as the team works toward a successful outcome to the industry specced problem. Students are responsible for delivering a working prototype with documentation, a system design report, and two interim and one final oral presentations. Industry, student and faculty efforts culminate at the end of the course at the Senior Design Open House.

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Industry Collaborators

UT ECE is deeply appreciative of our industrial collaborators, whose expertise and support makes these projects successful and meaningful. Industry project sponsors for the Fall 2013 projects include CSID, National InstrumentsQualcomm, Schlumberger, and Texas Instruments.

Apple, Inc. generously donated Apple products such as MacBook Airs, iPad Minis, and iPod Touch devices as prizes for the top projects presented at the Open House.


The first place team for Fall 2013 is the project Bicycle Rear View Camera, developed by Daniel Ogilvie, Frank Knott, Stafford Hutchins, Robert Parsons and Zach Pringnitz. Prof. Robert Heath was both the sponsor and faculty mentor to the team.

All Winners

Place Project Team Members Sponsor Faculty Advisor
Bicycle Rear View Camera
Daniel Ogilvie
Frank Knott
Stafford Hutchins
Robert Parsons
Zach Pringnitz
Prof. Robert Heath Prof. Robert Heath
Each team member received a MacBook Air from Apple.
Sean Adkins
Anya Cranmer
Brandon Crosbie
Jacob Donelson
Ashley Doub
Qualcomm Prof. Alexis Kwasinski

Each team member received an iPad Mini from Apple.

Robot Brain
Zachary Thomas
Robert Jacobs
Asad Malik
Daniel Elsner
Dillon Johnson
 Qualcomm Prof. Ahmed Tewfik

Each team member received an iPod Touch from Apple.

Home Wireless Temperature Control
Scott Longe
John Dang
Ford Arnett
Tyler Kass
Kathleen Cedeno
Texas Instruments Prof. Alexis Kwasinski
Directional Haptics
Audrey Loefler
Kyle Grau
Jay Kalina
Tien Nguyen
Santos Gomez
Texas Instruments Prof. David Pan
James Crow
Mengke Wang
Scott Simmons
Alisha Chawla
Syed Arefin
Hamzah Bhombal
Texas Instruments Prof. Ahmed Tewfik
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