2018 Edison Lecture Series


February 9,  2018  • 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM
The University of Texas at Austin

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2018 Edison Lecture Series: Autonomous Vehicles

The Edison Lecture Series is an interactive STEM learning experience that engages middle and high school students with the fun side of electrical and computer engineering. Edison attendees learn the fundamentals of an engineering topic through a university-style lecture, then see these concepts come to life through hands-on demos. Be part of the excitement!

The 2018 Edison Lecture Series will take place on February 9 at The University of Texas at Austin's new Engineering Education and Research building. This year’s topic is Autonomous Vehicles. It has become easy to imagine a world in which no human need apply for a driving license. This year's Edison will examine issues ranging from superhuman sensing, computer vision, navigation and much more ... all with an eye towards enabling autonomous roadways in the near future.

The Edison Lecture Series is brought to you by The University of Texas at Austin Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. 

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The University of Texas at Austin Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering will not take custodial responsibility of minors while participating in the Edison Lecture Series. Custodial responsibility will remain with teachers, parents, legal guardians, and chaperones.

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Exhibit an activity or demo

We are looking for interactive, hands-on activities or demos that illustrate electrical and computer engineering concepts, with emphasis on the fun over the fundamentals. Demos and activities that relate to this year’s lecture theme of “Autonomous Vehicles” are especially encouraged, but any activities that relate to electrical and computer engineering are welcome.  Exhibitors should prepare for about 900 attendees to come through the exhibit hall in 3 hours. Exhibitor Sign-up

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Edison Poster Contest

Every year, the Edison Lecture Series hosts a poster contest to design the poster for the following year's lecture. The winners will be announced at the 2019 Edison Lecture Series.

Deadline: Friday, January 26, 2018
Topic: Man-Machine Symbiosis

Please submit all work by emailing a link to a Dropbox or Google Drive folder to Andrew Carr at acarr@mail.utexas.edu, or your teacher can make a Dropbox link for your entire class's submissions. Please TITLE your file with your name and school.
Design Suggestions:

  • Keep the theme in mind. If the topic is "software", think about what images relate to software.
  • Images of "gears" are representative of mechanical engineering, not electrical and computer engineering.
  • Take a step back and look at your design. If you didn't know what the event was, would you be able to guess based on your design?

Technical Requirements: 

  • Please TITLE your file with your name and school.
  • Posters should be 11" x 17" in a high-resolution PSD, PDF or TIFF format.
  • Artwork should be 300 dpi or higher.
  • All text should be at least 1/2" away from the edge of the paper.
  • Any questions regarding file types or requirements should be sent to Andrew Carr at acarr@mail.utexas.edu.