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ECE TALENT Success Program

Teaching Avid Learners Educational Navigational Tools – ECE TALENT Success Program

Program Director - Stacy Pederson
Faculty Director - Dr. Nina Telang

The ECE TALENT Success Program provides students with educational tools that contribute to increased retention, attrition, and graduation rates by partnering staff and faculty with ECE students who want to improve their Grade Point Averages and strengthen engineering identity. TALENT connects students to valuable resources through the department, the Cockrell School of Engineering and The University of Texas at Austin.


The Vision of The ECE TALENT Success Program assists all Electrical and Computer Engineering students to acquire the necessary tools needed to foster academic growth that leads to success as a UT Austin scholar.


The Mission of The ECE TALENT Success Program is to educate students in the value of self- identifying academic strengths and challenges, and the importance of designing short and long- term goals that will result in earning a Bachelor’s of Science in Electrical Engineering. TALENT promotes success and empowerment for ECE students in their academic success and identity development while cultivating an inclusive engineering community in Electrical and Computer Engineering.


  • A collaborative relationship with an ECE Advisor who can assist with connecting students to invaluable campus resources.
  • An opportunity to achieve a higher semester GPA.
  • Obtain an increased sense of personal satisfaction as an undergraduate ECE student.


  • Designated Academic Advisor
  • Faculty Support
  • UT Sanger Learning Specialist
  • Tutoring from ECE TALENT tutors
  • TALENT Mentor
  • Registration in “Enhancing Academic Success” course
  • Monthly social meetings (when on campus)

If you are interested in learning more about the ECE TALENT Success Program, please contact:

Stacy Pederson
Senior Academic Advisor

Nikki Rodelas Morris
Graduate Assistant & ECE TALENT Success Program Mentoring Coordinator